What happened to the pots?

Lunularia cruciata, the crescent-cup liverwort, in a dessert pot.

The blog has gone suspiciously quiet and you may have guessed that my initial cultivation attempt did not go too well. Washed sand without added nutrients turned out not the be a great substrate, and my pots did not exactly flourish. I re-started last year in December, using compost instead of sand. Thanks to plastic lids, watering was not required very often and I decided to leave the little gemmalings to themselves. They experienced a rather damp and warm climate and I will come back to that at another time.

While the Marchantantia polymorpha gemmaling did not do too well, L. cruciata flourished. The specimen started producing the characteristic gemma cups and I am in no shortage now of clones for further experiments with this lineage.

L. cruciata grown on compost after three months. The crescent-shaped gemma cups are clearly visible.

I have also started using takeaway boxes as growing containers and have extended my cultivation attempts. More about this soon…

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